Toronto Poly Clinic - Toronto, ON


Dr. Kevin Rod

Toronto Poly Clinic, Toronto, ON

Dr. Kevin Rod is a Certified Family Physician with focused practice in Pain Management. He is a community clinical teacher and lecturer with the University of Toronto department of Family and Community Medicine. He is a course contributor to the Harvard Medical school department of post graduate studies continuing medical education. He is medical director of Toronto Poly Clinic multi-disciplinary pain clinics. He has acted as the credentialing chair of the Canadian Academy of Pain Management, Vice chair of Ontario Medical Association section of chronic pain and Assessors Team Lead for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in Pain Medicine. His focus of research has been in development of new medication and medical devices.


Dr. Rod has extensive experience in the areas of education, clinical practice and research on Medical Cannabis. He has developed Medical Cannabis Opioid Reduction Program MCORP. He has developed an online patient self management and mental wellness platform called ZENDOSE. Patient self management education has been a passion for him by working on a patient education blog called mypain.ca since 2006. Dr. ROD has received Awards of Excellence from the College of Family Physicians of Canada and University of Toronto for his teaching and clinical practice. He is recipient of a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the Prime Minister of Canada for his contributions to Canada's education and pluralism.