Winnipeg Health Sciences - Winnipeg, MB


Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy

Clinician-Scientist, SPOR Chronic Pain Network, University of Manitoba

Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy is a clinician-scientist at the University of Manitoba. She completed her PhD following her Clinical Psychology residency in 2015. Her practice as a Clinical Psychologist within Shared Health focuses on medical trauma and adjustment to illness. She is the Director of the Health, Anxiety and Trauma Lab. Her research program focuses on anxiety and trauma-related correlates of chronic pain conditions and mental health predictors and outcomes of adverse health events such as surgery. She has conducted a large number of studies in the area of substance misuse as it relates to mental and physical health comorbidity. Dr. El-Gabalawy is also the Clinical Research Network Director of the Chronic Pain SPOR Network at the University of Manitoba


Rachel Roy

SPOR Chronic Pain Network, University of Manitoba

Rachel is the research coordinator for the SPOR Chronic Pain Network at the University of Manitoba working under the supervision of Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy. She completed her Honours Psychology degree at the University of Manitoba in 2017. She is currently involved in several chronic pain research projects examining the efficacy of a variety of treatments for chronic pain as well as clinical database development upon which future research will be conducted.